Our Shul

about merkaz modiinBet Knesset Merkaz Modi’in was one of the first minyanim in Modi’in, and served as the incubator for many of the congregations that later split from it.

The Shul was founded more than 10 years ago and met in the Netiv Zvulun School. Almost immediately, however, the minyan outgrew that location, as more families joined the congregation.

In 2007, we arranged to move to our current location, although it still lacked many of the amenities necessary for a shul, including flooring, walls, railings, and proper ventilation. Nonetheless, with help from members and from community donations, the Shul has been able to grow and flourish, and over the years, “the Bunker” has grown to hold an increasing number of minyanim, shiurim, youth activities and other community programs that are open to the general public.

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